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We’re working on creating Systems of Support for anyone and everyone who wants to better their health and wellness. We understand that in order for people to succeed in anything they do, whether it be Health and Wellness, or it be starting a business that support systems are incredibly important to have in place. Without a proper support system that you can rely upon to assist you in your time of need, it’s can be incredibly difficult to accomplish what you desire



An Introductory call that may last up to one hour, and covers almost everything you will need to get started. In addition, throughout each month you will also receive up to 2 hours of additional talk time on the phone per month if needed. I have also come up with a program called Accountability in Action. This program is all-encompassing and involves daily updates via E-Mail, Facebook, Text or Phone if needed. I am available 16 hours a day, 5 days a week at least until I can move to a 24-hour system. To get you started, we also give you a free download of our Book: 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Health and Wellness the Keto Way!

Additional Benefits

One of our main features is that we assist in Goal Setting. This means that we help figure out both Small Goals and Large Goals. We then also put forth a tracking system, and help plan out a path for how exactly you can best navigate down the path of goals to reach ultimate success. Along with planning out the path, you’ll also find that to help you further on that path I am here to also do research for you.

This means if we find that you are not responding well to a particular way of life, then we may consider adjustments or alternatives to continue pushing you forward. We will look at every option available to help push you forward and ensure you reach your goal healthy, and safe. Now, I also understand during your journey you will have days that you are stressed to the max.

That’s why I also offer Emotional Support alongside all the other Informational Support you receive. If you’re having a bad day, and you just want to vent so that you don’t stress eat, by all means, send an e-mail or a text, or if need be text and arrange to talk on the phone. We know this journey is just as much emotional as it is physical. 

Why should we pick you and not someone else? There are plenty of other Coaches out there.

That is absolutely correct, there are plenty of other coaches out there to choose from. My job isn’t to tell you who to pick as a coach, but what I can tell you is about me. I am a hard worker when I find a goal or a cause that I love, I will work as hard as I can to ensure success. In this career choice, my goal.. my cause, is you.

I have always been overweight, my entire life and I know the struggles that the majority of people go through when trying to lose weight. I’ve faced all of them throughout my entire life. It can be a harrowing journey, that leaves us hollow, empty and broken. I want to change that process, I want to provide support to you, and everyone else out there who needs it. I don’t want people to be tormented the way that I was, both internally and externally. This is my journey one that I’m still on, and this is what I am here to do.

I’ve helped people all my life, whether it was in Customer Service, or Technical Support however I was never happy in those positions because I wasn’t really impacting someone’s life. I was merely someone they called up, abused, and forgot about after they got off the phone. So this is why I have chosen the path of being a Wellness Coach, I want nothing more than to help people achieve better health.

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