Getting Started with Keto

Having Trouble Getting Started With Keto?

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One of the biggest problems in getting started with Keto, is there is just so much information out there that it is incredibly hard to digest it all without getting information overload! I know, because of what I went through when I was going to first start. Well technically before I was going to start, back when I was in the hospital. I was doing research, and I was about to give up on it because of the amount of information I found that was conflicting.

I had to lay back and rest and just take a deep breath and think about it, and then it became clear to me what I had to do. It was simple, I needed to approach it just like I approached every other subject I researched in life. Cold, Mathematically, Logically, I began to dig and dig through every article I could find picking up all the points that made logical sense and went along with science that could be proven via other articles that I could find. From there, I formulated a plan, and began gathering a ton of information.

From there, I began to engage on my journey to better health. As I lost weight and gained confidence in the information I had gathered, I began to help more and more people, as I realized I was disabled and would likely not go back to work any time soon. I decided to start this company to help build up others, and support them in their journey.

If you need help in getting started on your journey, check out my first book, the 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Health and Wellness on Keto or, if you’d like to just jump straight into our Coaching, which includes a copy of the book as you become a member, hop on over to Coaching.

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