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Keto Diet Coaching

“Daniel has done as much research as you can imagine on low carb and keto! He’s been a great asset on my weight loss journey. I have lost 273lbs since August 2016! I was 540lbs when I started, but weighed in at 267lbs this past weekend. Having him in your corner was one of my greatest assets, and will be yours too! Hes always just a message away and always gets back to me asap! He also has some of the best recipes! His texas low carb chili was one of the best I’ve ever had!” – Jeffery A.

We’ve been where you are, and we understand more than most the pain and changes that you’ll be going through. Daniel Peed, our founder, began to change his life in 2017. After losing over 200lbs, he began to look towards helping others. He has been busy since 2018 working and helping people from all around the world to lose weight. Totaling thousands of pounds, he’s already changed the lives of many, why wait, you could be next!

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Our founder on his journey, he isn’t done yet but he’s come a long ways! Let him help you on your journey too!

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We believe everyone has the ability to change, and we want to help bring that ability out, especially those who need it the most! Life can be hard, and complex and sometimes we get overstressed, and worn down from every day life. But, with the proper changes within you, we can help guide you to a better physical health and a better mental health.

Every year, we almost all make resolutions to better ourselves. Why wait until new years to start a better life? If you really are truly interested in starting a healthier way of life, there is nothing like today! We want to be the people behind your success, and if you’re ready to take on the work to better yourself, please schedule a free booking below!

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